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In this new age of globalization and information technology revolution, websites increases the presence and scope of business around the world. If developing and hosting a website is an initial process, maintaining websites is equally a challenging task. With increased communication, the flow of information is growing day-by-day and present information is becoming obsolete in a very short time. To make a website interesting we need to keep the information in the site in tune with the changing trends. Only an interesting website will retain the customers and influence visitor to repeatedly log on to the website. This constant maintenance of the website makes the difference between a successful website and an average website.

We at Ozone Infomedia have a multi-pronged strategy and solution to maintain your website in the most efficient and economical way. We have a strong dedicated team of professionals who are trained in specific areas of website maintenance and each team individually and collectively ensures prompt and accurate updating and maintenance of the website.

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Our Website Maintenance Services include :

  • Updating Contents, Announcements, Articles, etc.
  • Uploading & Replacing Images & Image manipulation.
  • Maintenance of Newsletter & Email list.
  • Updating Shopping Cart Product.
  • Updating web content.
  • Modifying, Adding, Removing, Redesigning web pages.
  • Maintenance of Search Engine Positioning.
  • Monitoring and Tracking Website Traffic.
  • Monitoring security of e-commerce websites.

How we Do it?

We not only create great websites and web assets, we also know how to keep them looking fresh and updated. Most companies treat Web Site creation as a onetime activity, without truly worrying about keeping it current, fresh and solid.Our team of content management and support professionals know exactly how to help you. We deploy resources so that you get more out of your Web Asset creation investment. No one likes a stale, updated-five-years-old web site. Don’t sit on one.

Our reliable, trustworthy (and of course affordable!) website maintenance services are the industry’s best. Managed by a dedicated Web Site Maintenance Team, we keep your website updated with the latest about your company, brand, products & Services, News, Events, Awards, Locations & Contacts and anything else that might be relevant, geared to generate the maximum returns from your web site.

The Process of Website Maintenance Services at Ozone Infomedia

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